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Jennie Curtis


P.O. Box 152  Snowmass, CO 81654

Telephone #: 970-963-1258

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All retreats are held at St. Benedict's Monastery Retreat House located in Snowmass, CO unless otherwise noted.


We encourage you to consider being on a waitlist for any of the retreats, since we reguarly have cancellations.



It is also possible to book private/individual retreats.  Contact John Flynn, Retreat House Guestmaster at 970-927-1162. 

    You can also visit the website:  
    St. Benedict's Monastery Retreat House  



2019 Retreat Schedule & Cost

  Cost: 10-Day: $750
            8-Day $650
  August 6-16 10-day Post Intensive
  September 10-19 10-day Post Intensive
  October 8-17 10-day Regular Intensive
  November 5-12 8-day Contemplative Listening Post Intensive (A) 
  November 14-21 8-day Post Intensive (B)
  December 3-12 10-day Post Intensive

2020 Retreat Schedule & Cost

  Cost:10-Day: $850
           8-Day $750
           7-Day $650
  Jauary 7-16 10-day 12-Step Retreat
  January 21-28 Collaborative Inquiry
    for Veterans, with PTSD, interested in Centering Prayer
  February 11-20 10-day Regular Intensive
    Limited number of private hermitages are available for $1700
  March 10-19 10-day Post Intensive
  April 14-23 10-day Post Intensive
  May 12-21 Contemplative Listening Post Intensive
  June 16-25 10-day Regular Intensive
    New Retreat for young adults (21 - 35)
  August 4-13 10-day Post Intensive
  September 8-17 10-day Post Intensive
  September 22-28 7 day 12-Step Friendly Retreat
  October 6-15 10-day Regular Intensive
  November 3-10 8-day Contemplative Listening Post Intensive (A)
  November 12-19  8-day Post Intensive (B)
  December 31 - 10-day Post Intensive
  January 10, 2021  



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