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Christmas Day Reflection

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us, and we have seen his glory, the glory of an only Son coming from the Father, filled with enduring love."   John 1:1-14

Christmas Day

The feast of Christmas is the celebration of divine light breaking into human consciousness. This light is so bright that it is impossible at first sight to grasp its full meaning. Only an intuitive realization, such as that of the shepherds, is able to enjoy it...

The joy of Christmas is the intuition that all limitations to growth into higher states of consciousness have been overcome. The divine light cuts across all darkness, prejudice, preconceived ideas, prepackaged values, false expectation, phoniness and hypocrisy. It presents us with the truth. To act out of the truth is to make Christ grow not only in ourselves, but in others. Thus, the humdrum duties and events of daily life become sacramental, shot through with eternal implications... Now is the time to risk further growth. To go on growing is to be at the cutting edge of human evolution and of the spiritual journey. The divine action may turn our lives upside down, it may call us into various forms of service. Readiness for any eventuality is the attitude of one who has entered into the freedom of the Gospel. Commitment to the new world that Christ is creating, the new corporate personality of redeemed humanity, requires flexibility and detachment: the readiness to go anywhere or nowhere, to live or to die, to rest or to work, to be sick or to be well, to take up one service and to put down another. Everything is important when one is opening to Christ-consciousness. This awareness transforms our worldly concepts of security into the security of accepting, for the love of God, an unknown future. The greatest safety is to take that risk. Everything else is dangerous.

The light of Christmas is an explosion of insight changing our whole idea of God. Our childish ways of thinking of God are left behind. As we turn our enchanted gaze toward the babe in the crib, our inmost being opens to the new consciousness that the babe has brought into the world. 

Excerpt from The Mystery of Christ, chapter 1, by Fr. Thomas Keating

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