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Spiritual Journey Series

Based on Thomas Keating’s Spiritual Journey video series, this program guides participants to the transformative awakening and healing to be found along the contemplative path of consent to God’s presence and action within each of us. It incorporates psychological, as well as spiritual, aspects of dysfunction and healing as a means to make the mystical more accessible to 21st century pilgrims. “The language of psychology --- is better understood than the traditional language of spiritual theology.”

”This Spiritual Journey series consists of an Introductory Workshop followed by eight courses based on the videotape series by Fr. Thomas Keating, designed to support the daily practice of Centering Prayer. These courses are “an attempt to provide a roadmap, as it were, to the journey that begins when Centering Prayer is seriously undertaken.” “It seeks to point to the recognizable landmarks on the journey, as well as to its ultimate destination.

The richness of the material presented by Fr. Thomas does not age or lose its impact. Those of you who have had a Centering Prayer practice for several years will be enriched as you hear Fr. Thomas from a new place in your heart. A bonus for students repeating any class is a significant reduction in the price of the class. Your cost is half-price. Come renew your commitment and your practice!

Introduction to Centering Prayer Workshops     Learn More

Basic Centering Prayer (Course I)     Learn More

Human Condition (Course II)     Learn More

Spirituality In Everyday Life (Course III)     Learn More

Divine Therapy (Course IV)     Learn More

Divine Love: The Heart of the Christian Spiritual Journey (Course V)      Learn More

Heartfulness: Transformation In Christ (Course VI)    Learn More

The Gift of Life: Death and Dying, Life and Living (Course VII)    Learn More

God Is Love (Course VIII)     Learn More

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